Monday, October 17, 2011

Painted Weekend

Outdoor graffiti art, downtown Erie

You know you have good friends when they show up for a huge chunk of their weekend to help you with ten gallons of paint that need to go on to your studio walls.

That white studio in that video I just posted?  It now looks a lot like it could be related to this house, and it happened in about ten hours.

When you open a studio and are still, simultaneously, trying to teach every single class you normally teach and trying to organize new classes and trying to do a complete redecorate and trying to start marketing and also working to organize other teachers in your space...and...and...and...

I am a bit overwhelmed right now. I feel like I am being tossed from stormy water to stormy water, just barely keeping my head above those waves.

So this weekend...getting those walls painted in a way that makes sense to these felt like a very big deal, indeed, and I am so thankful to every hand that held a brush.