Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Immolation of Self Hate

No photo today.

I have heard about eating disorder blogs. Blogs written by young women trying to help other young women whittle themselves down to nothing. Blogs with all the tricks to keep yourself on that edge of starving, hoping not to tip over...

But I had not seen them, until I was looking for tumblr blogs on dancing, and I stumbled into this.

Right now, I am in excellent health.  I am not at my smallest -- that would mean I would have to lose another 25 pounds.

There are days when that sounds like an excellent idea.

There are days that I think back on what I had to do to get that small and think maybe it wasn't so bad.

There are days when I still think that perhaps I shouldn't eat this or that.


Then I see these young girls...and I think about how all of us encourage them to do what they are doing every time we lament some ice cream that was eaten, every time we say something awful about our thighs.

We have to stop.