Friday, November 25, 2011

Stillpower, Willpower, & the Power of Your Priorities

I read this interview the other day and have been thinking about it since then.

What do you feel about his assertions?

I teach my students to relax into their efforts and to always be seeking playful exploration, but at that point, we are all already in the studio.

Getting to the studio...that is where willpower and discipline are necessary.

It's far easier to fill our days with busyness than to commit to a practice that will change us, grow us, fulfill our divine purpose in this life (which I believe is to be passionately alive and then spreading that aliveness to others).

Willpower sometimes is all we have in the face of one million trivial (but seemingly, screamingly "important") things that pull at us, that we see everyone else around us prioritizing.

"Getting to the studio" is just a metaphor, of course.

(Though the metaphor happens to also be my literal.)

What is your studio? The thing in your life that your heart yearns for and that you are constantly telling, "later...after this...after that...."

When is it your turn to be the priority?