Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Best is for Right Now

For the past couple of years, and including this one, we have been blessed by the presence of fresh kittens during Christmas.

Otherwise known as FRESH DEVILS!

Lilly is now three, but for her first Christmas, she demonstrated her stealth ability to climb up the center of the tree.  None of our other cats had ever done that.

This year, we have Mr. Rumi. So far (KNOCK tree WOOD) he has not discovered climbing.

If he did, we have two sets of fishing line and a bag of heavy bocci balls holding this tree in place.

Did I mention I picked out a tree with a crooked trunk?!

Advantage Cats.

If they did climb it, there is a good chance, it would topple.

It could topple if you blew on it wrong.   Whatevs.

For the past couple of years, due to said youngins, we put lights on the tree but no ornaments, or last year, we risked cheap balls.

((BALLS!))  Excuse my immaturity. It peaks this time of year.

This year, we were decorating this Precariously Leaning Tower of Treedom, and I said, "What the?! Get the good ornaments, Frog!"

And she, the Frog, otherwise known as Marcy, ran with glee to the basement and brought up our collection of handblown glass ornaments.

Every moment is worth the best.

What were we saving those for?

Right now is the time.