Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Red Tent of Erie

I am super excited about a new project at the studio.

We had a workshop recently to educate women about the concept of the Red Tent.  You can watch a video about that concept right here.

And we realized at the end of the workshop that it wasn't, well, the end.  That it was just a beginning.

So now Girl on Fire Movement Studio here in Erie is pleased to announce the birth of the Red Tent Monthly Circle.

Every third Friday of the month at 7:30 PM (this gives you time to feed yourself and/or your family!), we will meet at the studio for community, sharing, building, supporting. This is a loose gathering of women coming together to...BE TOGETHER.

Totally radical, right?

Really, think about the damage many of us have suffered at the hands of other women -- whether "friends" in high school or relations or co-workers -- and then think of this as the healing process. Think of this as women coming together to be powerful and loving and nurturing...things they really are best at!

Each month, we will be guided by a theme, including the following:

January 20th, 7:30 PM: Commitment to Self Care
February 17th, 7:30 PM: A Passionate Life
March 16th, 7:30 PM: Feminine Energy

For more information, go here.

I hope to see you in the tent!