Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's Off to Work/Dance/Write/Paint We Go...

Whether we work in the mines or work at our own dream business, at some point, we realize that it is, well, work.

The other night after coming home from teaching my blend of Kundalini yoga and free movement, Marcy and I settled down to eat while watching 20, the Pearl Jam documentary (which was excellent!).

Documentaries that draw back the curtain and show you how creatives do their thing are some of my favorite films.

The level of passionate dedication and focus never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and Pearl Jam is no exception.

To love what you do so much that it takes you to such heights of admiration from others...well, it's no simple feat no matter the medium.

The artists/thinkers/dreamers/doers who get to these heights are also rarely aiming for them.

They are, day to day, simply aiming for the best they are capable of on that day, building on the days that have come before, sticking to it even when inspiration seems to have left the building.

There it is...did you notice?  W. O. R. K.

No matter how inspiring/inspired successful people seem to us, they are where they are because of the day to day.  The work.

The heigh-ho of it.

The going-to-the-mine even when it feels like you might just vomit if you simply say the word mine one more freaking time.

Appreciating and loving and celebrating the days you uncover diamonds but always mindful that those days are one in many days.

You see, everyone besides you sees only the diamonds.  They don't see the days and weeks and months when there were no diamonds but only the digging and the digging and the more digging.

For me, the digging is dancing.  Dancing on days when I feel like the Queen of Slugs.  Dancing on days when the music is somehow not reaching my feet much less my heart or soul.  Dancing on days when I would rather nap.  Dancing when it feels like I am 83 in this body rather than 43 and rather than the 23 that I normally feel like.

And finally, the digging is going to the mine all by myself, putting on music, and pushing into and past old ideas of me.