Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent 2012: This Body is Your Temple

For those of us who have suffered from disordered eating or full-blown eating disorders or body image issues or actual dysmorphia, taking care of these bodies can be downright difficult.  I mean, even noticing that we have bodies is a huge step for many of us.

To someone who has a healthy relationship with their body this idea for Lent might seem selfish, self-indulgent, even sacrilege.

But if Lent is about entering our interior desert and facing our demons, this couldn't be a more frightening, head-on sort of call for those of us to whom this idea is directed.

I am going to spend Lent treating my body like the temple for my spirit that it is meant to be.

I have been having a wee dry spell spiritually so as Lent was quickly approaching, I was feeling a bit panicked about the approach I would be taking.

Then I read this post by Becky (and check out that tattoo photo she posted!), and it became clear to me what this year's Lent would be all about.

Lo and behold, I already had a massage scheduled for Friday after Ash Wednesday.

Is this a joke?! Someone may have just yelled, but no, it's not. To be touched by another human being, to be cared for, is beyond difficult for me.  It scares me.  It pushes all of my buttons of shame and unworthiness.

This body has given me so much -- it gives me the gift of dance every day and I share that gift -- but I still, far too often, do only the minimum required to care for this body.

Every time we appropriately care for something, we are praying our thank you.

Time to dance some gratitude in my daily life.