Friday, February 10, 2012

Side Effects of Living Your True Life

That is a tiny corner of Girl on Fire Movement Studio with her pink tree that now is wearing shiny hearts.

Today, after a wonderful class full of laughter, one of my students and I started talking and somehow something she used to do in college came up and the fact that it is something that I have always dreamed of learning to do myself.  This thing is not something you just go and do. There is equipment and other complications.

And the thing itself does not matter in this story.

What matters in this story is here was a woman I have only know for a few weeks, offering to teach me to do this thing, offering me access to this magical wonderful activity.  Access I could never have dreamed of before.

But here it was.

Just being offered to me.

This happens to me all the time now.  Everywhere I turn, dreams are being offered up. Sometimes they are things I have consciously longed for and other times they are things I had no idea I needed.

One person introduces me to another.  Or someone sees some small thing I wrote somewhere and they show up at the studio.

All these people entering my life with platters of glittering gifts.

And today it hit me.

This is what happens when you live the life you were meant to live.

This is what comes to you when you are willing to walk through all the fear to the other side.

This is how it works if you put yourself out there.

I am suspicious of new age magical thinking sorts of teachings.  I do not like anything that even hints at blaming people for bad things that happen to them.  Sometimes shit just happens and sometimes it happens to really wonderful, loving people and the majority of the time you would never be able to convince me that a person "brought this to themselves."

That is just crap thinking and it's mean spirited.

Life is not easy for anyone and we don't intentionally make it hard.  Most of the time.  (Of course, there are bad choices being made by all of us on a regular basis...but now we are getting too complicated.)

My point is that today I finally saw, became aware of the Miracle in which I now swim.

Tiny, sparkling miracles -- a whole pool of them.

I dove off that board expecting water, sure, but had no idea what else was waiting.

Now if only I could call forth white roller skates with pink glitter wheels and pom poms...