Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well...What Did You Expect?!

Okay, those two women were at the Olympics, but you get the idea...

A while ago, I mentioned how teaching has brought so many things my way that I could never have imagined. One of them was a student offering to teach me something that I had always wanted to learn, something that eventually you need some special access to some special equipment.

And this is it: rowing.

I have always loved the water. I was born on a Great Lake, for goodness sake, so this makes sense.  Though I have heard mythical tales of people born here who can't even swim but alas...

I have also always respected the water. I am not one for games; I am always aware that the water can take life (and you really feel this standing at the edge of the oceans). I have almost drowned.

But I simply love to be in the water; I love to swim; the few times I have been on a variety of boats, I love each and every one of them.

But there is something extra special about this kind of being on the water.  This rowing thing has sparkled before me for so long as some unattainable, fairy tale like dream, and here I am, starting to work in a concrete, this-is-really-happening way toward that dream.

I teach 12 classes a week and now I am adding a small but difficult rowing training to my weekly schedule.

Am I crazy!?

(Don't answer that.)

Here's the thing: too many of us expect too little of ourselves.

I have spent too long expecting too little, and now I have decided to expect a lot.

I expect my body to get stronger and fitter, and it just keeps meeting my expectation.

I expect to be awesome at rowing and I expect I will also meet that expectation.

We get what we expect and yet we are often so surprised when we get so little.

Take some time to notice that it's exactly what you were expecting.

Listen to your internal language.  I bet it matches what you're getting on the outside.

Change your language; change your expectations.

And see what magic can happen.

Right now I am putting out another expectation since the rowing one seemed to work for me: I expect to have the opportunity to learn to fence.


Bring it.