Monday, April 16, 2012

And Suddenly I am Four

As of yesterday, April 15th, it has been four years that I have been blogging.

Of course, I started out over here.  For the first entire year of that blog, I wrote 7 days a week.  When I look back to much of the content I created on blisschick, I am pretty darn proud.  There are things I read and then think, "I wrote that!?"

Here's something I think about a lot:  I know that somewhere on that blog, I wrote a post in which I said that one of my stories that I would tell people was this: "I was born to be a dancer, but it didn't happen and I am past that and it makes me sad."

You get the gist.  And now look.

It's kinda like...magics or something.


I am also pretty darn proud of the company I keep on the interwebs, including this woman.  I recently wrote a piece as part of her Inside/Outside project.

She asked that we write about the idea of spring cleaning, about stuff that keeps us blocked, internally/externally.

I had no clue what to write, but the second I asked Marcy she said, "Ideas. You hold onto ideas and they end up stopping you."

So there you go.  Check it out.  Do you know when to call time of death and move on?