Friday, April 27, 2012

External Alignment & Cleaning House

Just a week ago, those shelves held over twice as much.  The cups were stacked(Besides ideas, I also collect espresso cups it seems...)

Now when I look at the shelves (and there is a bookending set to the right of this photo), I feel calm.  I just about sigh.

This sight soothes my eyes (and thus my brain) because it is ordered.  Chaos makes my brain spin.

Chaos, I am discovering, is a sort of external misalignment.  Like our bodies represented in our external, material worlds.

Our bodies are misaligned in that they are holding onto old patterns that no longer serve, old stories that weigh us down, old ways of being that keep us from becoming.

Our external material world, then, will reflect this.

So I have begun -- in preparation for making the house more traditionally Japanese and more biomechanically friendly to the body -- a season of purging.

In the living room alone -- a room that does not have much furniture to begin with -- I gathered two large bags of trash.  TWO.  From tiny cupboards and drawers.

This was just crap clogging our lives.

Now I open the tiny cupboard under the iPod dock and there are a few things arranged neatly, with plenty of bare space.  Each drawer in that room is now the same.  The closet does not flow out into the room when I open it.

And as you see in the above photo, I have started the process in the kitchen.

I will take the house space by space, room by room.

Until our home's main occupants are love, energy, and creativity, rather than things.