Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feeding the Beast

BJM / En studio : Night Box du chorégraphe Wen Wei Wang from Ballets Jazz de Montréal on Vimeo.

Part of my self care as a dancer and teacher is to go see new dance.  This feeds the beast inside -- the insatiable, never-learns-enough, always-needs-more dance beast that lives within the fibers of my being.

We are lucky enough to have Mercyhurst University a couple miles away, a school with a good dance department and an excellent performing arts center that brings in dancers, musicians, singers from all over the world.

Recently, we saw BJM out of Montreal.

The second half of the evening was the piece above.  Though I don't think it shows their amazing precision and articulation like the first half piece did, this gives you a glimpse into this world class company.

Today, when I was teaching my ballet-alignment-fusion class, I could feel changes in my body already from watching these dancers.

That's one way my body has always learned: it soaks in information through observation and the next thing you know, I own new moves, new ways of being in this body.

When was the last time you fed your Beast what it needed?