Monday, April 23, 2012

You are Suffocating Yourself

Have you ever been around someone with emphysema?  Someone on oxygen?  Someone who can barely talk for lack of breath?

You should look in the mirror because you have more in common with that person than you would ever guess.

I wrote about how much my time with Katy blew my mind and how one of the main things that has stuck with me is how misalignment in the body creates a constant state of anxiety.  (Here is that post.)

But there is something happening to you on an even more basic level, if you can believe it!

Due to alignment issues in the body, the capillaries that deliver oxygen to your tissues and cells are being impinged upon.

So they can't really do their job all that well.

Here we go...

Mind blowing, yet again...

And remember, Katy is not just makin' this stuff up...It's all based in observation, proof-driven science.



Due to alignment issues, on average, your cells are receiving only 17 to 25% of the oxygen that is available to them.

(This oxygen level thing is something we can easily measure. It is definable.)

Please read that a few times and let the implications start to sink in.

Fatigue?  Depression?  Muscle weakness? Headaches? PAIN? Sleep issues? Memory problems?  Difficulty concentrating?

What issues do you have in your life that you could attribute to...well, SUFFOCATION?

The big thing for me, again, is the high rates of mental illness in our culture and our drugging of the brain.

We are treating symptoms of a basic problem as if they are the problem, and again, we wonder why we aren't feeling any better.

Or we do things that seem a bit less extreme:  we have no energy so we take tons of vitamins or we try every diet out there, always seeking a solution, when the solution resides in our own bodies and how we live in them.

We sit too much.  We participate in movement practices that don't deal with the alignment issues on a basic, mechanical level (and again, alignment does not equal "posture" or yoga).  We sit too much.

Did I mention that we sit too much?

Some of us, when we exercise vigorously, get what we call a "runner's high."

I get it when I dance, of course.


That level of oxygenation is available to you all the time.  Around the clock.

Imagine your life with that kind of energy.

It's the energy you were built to have and experience.

A basic task to start healing and realigning: go barefoot as much as possible.  Get out of your damn shoes, people.

Get out of your heels (which includes most sneakers).

You are suffocating yourself.