Friday, May 11, 2012

Are YOU a Girl on Fire?

What is it to be a Girl on Fire?

I was thinking about this the other day as I was contemplating changing some things about the studio. Good things. Like adding different sorts of classes. Like asking that other classes are taught differently.

Some of this is harder than it sounds. I had ideas coming into having a studio about what that studio would be, but in order to be the best caretaker of this sacred space that I can be, I have to allow it to become. I have to allow the energy of the women who enter this space to change it.  It is not about me, otherwise.

But I also have to balance that with the honoring of the intentions of the space, and so I came to this question: what is it to be a Girl on Fire?

I am coming up with some defining characteristics that will guide me in the shaping of the vision for the concrete space.

A Girl on Fire:

  • is a Fear Warrior. She faces her fears. She gladly does battle with those fears. She finds a way to defeat them, knowing that on the other side of these fears lies her fulfillment.

  • is committed. She does not do things half-assed.  Anything toward which she feels even mild apathy is dropped to make room for things that really matter.

  • is therefore passionate. Only those things that set her soul on fire are worth her time.

  • strives to become the girl she was born to be. She does whatever it takes to uncover this essential, original self.

  • says YES! to the lost girl in her heart that knows exactly what she needs and wants.  This lost girl holds the map to our lost treasures, but before she is willing to trust us, we must heal her.

  • knows that her physical body is not to be set aside under the false assumption that it is somehow less than her spirit. She knows that they are one and the same, and that to care for the physical body is to care for the soul.

  • strives to strengthen her physical body, knowing that a strong physical self is a strong emotional self.

  • does all of this -- becomes flame itself -- so that she might inspire other women to dare and to dream and to grow.

  • never apologizes for her ferocity.

  • takes up the space she knows she deserves in this world.

  • dances to her own music.