Monday, May 28, 2012

Energy Success


That's what people say when you ask them how they are.


It's a badge of honor, and I find it boring.

Busy is boring.

Busy is average, typical, predictable.

But what of the person who says, "Delightfully busy!" when you ask them how they are?

I've caught myself saying a version of that.

A few of us involved in our success discussions kept discussing even after the Red Tent and we tried to break this down.

Is there possibly a kind of busy that is...good?

In thinking about success, we decided that busy is really indicative of scattered energy or misused energy.

Energy thrown about for a visual effect of sorts.  To show people we matter, are important, because busy people are important people, right?  Busy people are people living life "right?"

The typical person I know in my life who is perpetually busy has a breathlessness to them. They are showy about how terribly hard things are for them. They complain...a lot. Publicly. (Think of that Facebook person who is constantly whining...)

The biggest red flag of all that their busy is just busy and that it only serves to keep them, well, busy is that nothing they do is what they say they really want to be doing.  They can "never make time" for the things "they enjoy."

Now think of another kind of person:  think of the person in your life who is truly enjoying their work, is completely engulfed by their passion, is committed to the things that keep them healthy and happy.

This person may also seem busy but they also seem...tranquil at their core.

They are almost...annoying in their zest for life.

They tend to be people who try new things, take risks, inspire others.

Do you ever wonder what the heck is the difference between these two types?

It's like the second one has magical powers or belongs to some bizarre secret cult of Awesome.

But they don't.

Well...they do know a secret of sorts and they are rather awesome in their use of said secret:  They know what they want out of life, are very clear on their needs, and they know exactly how to productively direct their energy in a way that it gets fed back to them in an endless loop of growth and joy.

The key phrase among all those works: direct their energy.

People who are scattered and breathles run around like chickens with their heads cut off and their energy is spilling out all over the place.

People who are "delightfully and purposefully busy" walk around, step by step, guiding their energy where it is put to best use.

Which one are you?