Monday, May 21, 2012

How Do You Define Success?

This past Friday at Girl on Fire Movement Studio, we had our monthly Red Tent Circle.

(A note for Erie readers: the Red Tent is suspended for the summer months but we'll be back in September!).

Each month when we meet, we have a guiding theme and this month's was success.  We talked about how we define it and how that affects our daily lives.

I think we came up with some awesome stuff -- stuff that I am still processing and thinking about and talking with other people about.

I thought we could start a bit of discussion online, here, for this week.

Before I tell you what we came up with, though, I want to just leave you with the question for yourself.

How do you define success?  Really?  Dig deep.

Don't just answer with things you THINK you should say but what do you REALLY believe.

Look at your actions and look at how you judge yourself and others because this will reveal a lot.

Then step back and ask if this definition is serving you or holding you in old, unproductive, unhelpful patterns.