Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Success is Related to Your Skin

Marcy said this is my Bad Ass face picture.  I am pretty sure I just look slightly grouchy, which would be understandable as I am not that comfortable in front of a still-shot camera.  I am getting a whole lot more relaxed the more we do this, but I am still...wiggly.

I am always a bit nervous about what the camera will reveal.

And stillness is just not my thing.  I am usually moving, twirling, talking, humming, making noises, making faces...

Which in a seemingly indirect way brings me to what I think is a brilliant definition of Success.

During our recent Red Tent in Erie, one of the women said this early on in the evening, and as we talked and worked through "stuff" and kept stirring the Idea Pot, we realized that we kept coming back to this initial, seemingly simple definition, and as the night wore on, we realized, finally, that she had hit the nail on the head.

Success is being comfortable in your own skin.

Here is the genius of this definition: the very premise of it is all about uniqueness.  How success is only definable from person to person.

It is also experiential rather than material.

It is about how you feel moment to moment rather than where you are going, where you have been, or where you want to be.

And yet, it is also about all of those things, depending on the individual.

I am most comfortable in my own skin, when...

Try that as a writing exercise.  I would love to know what people come up with.

For me?  I am most comfortable in my own skin, when I am in the middle of teaching; when I am dancing; when I am excited; when I am really fired up about a new idea; when I am with people who enjoy my extreme enthusiasm; when I also get enough time away from people to recalibrate my excitement meter.

I realized from this wise woman that what I crave in terms of success is all about comfort: I want to feel tranquil within my passion and I want to surround myself with people who support and love that.

I never again want to be around another person who utters the words "Calm down."

I never again want to be around people who call themselves "realists" but are just assholes with buckets of water chasing my flame.

I never again want to be around people to whom I have to explain my differences to make them feel comfortable.  (More on that in a couple of days...)

How about you?

What do you really crave?  What would be true, divine success for you?