Friday, May 4, 2012

OUCH!: An Update on the Standing Desk

I will say it again: OUCH!

In my post about the standing desk, I mentioned that you have to be patient. There is a transition happening in the body.

All those lazy muscles...

Mine are MAD.

But too bad.


I am the boss of me. (Well, Marcy really is the boss of me, but in this specific circumstance, I am the boss of this body.)

Besides you can't do what I am doing in the above picture if you are sitting on your squishy.

I am definitely feeling things happening in my core and my low back.

It reminds me of the few times I have worked in food service in my life -- lots of pain the first couple of weeks and then it just goes away, so I know this is temporary.

I just keep stretching and moving around.

Here is yet another piece (from the New York Times) about all the recent findings about sitting, if you need more, and I love MORE FACTS.

((geek squeal))

I am still contemplating how to change our Western, squish furniture, so if anyone has suggestions, send 'em this way!