Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some of Your Muscles are Gonna Get Mad...

My brain loves to overcomplicate things. Yet another example, really, of how dumb brain can be compared to body...

So when I announce that I am going to create a standing workstation as part of my whole body alignment experimentation, I am holding myself accountable, yes, but I am also making sure there is a built in "oh my GOD this is taking me too long" alarm because of the mentioned overcomplication.

If not for you, dear readers, this process would have drag drag dragged.

Instead, my "oh my GOD this is taking too long" alarm went off, and I marched my ass into our garage and found that wooden milk crate.



For now.

It may not be totally pretty but it works, and it just so happens that the height is perfection for my arms.  I will work on getting the screen a bit higher.

What's so great about standing.  Take a look at this graphic.

A few benefits of standing, not including all the important and detailed health stuff you can find elsewhere:
  • I move around more.
  • My butt does not become encased in glue.
  • I am more likely to change my activity to something...useful...rather than getting entrenched in Facebook writing. ((cough))
  • I am more likely to do things like this:

  • I am more likely to pace.  (Obvious-osity: Pacing becomes difficult when one's butt is glued to a surface.)
  • I am more likely to write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. If you believe in the Correlation School of Science and know that Hemingway wrote while standing, you will understand my logic.
  • Standing to write (as I am writing this post) also makes you way sassier as evidenced by the previous statement.

Now here's the thing:

By society's standards, this 43 year old body is in GOOD shape. She is strong and well balanced and blah blah blah.

But guess what?  Even she will take some time to get used to this standing thing.

So, if you transition, remember just that -- it is a transition.

You will be using some muscles that have gotten pretty lazy, have decided to go off to the pub or something while you sit all day long, and they will be feeling pretty put-upon by the new demands.

They will be demanding their pints and fish and chips and things (read as "Chairs").

Do not give in.  Do not sit.

Keep it up.  Your body, that is.