Friday, May 25, 2012

Success and Lust-i-tude

Will I ever tire of taking photos of peonies?  The answer is NO!

A peony has to be one of THE sluttiest flowers on the planet. So fluffy! So SHOWY! So overdone! And I love them for this. For their lust-i-tude.

They let it all hang out.

I love how they are all, like, “Here I am. Big and bold and beautiful. Too much for you? TOO BAD!

They don’t last long but they are impossible to miss while they are here.

Openness and vulnerability are honest, and for this reason, they are attractive qualities, whether in a flower or a person.

I’d rather be around peony people than any other kind of people.

Who would choose some tight ass over someone completely open?  Really?

Tightness is slow death.

Tightness of the mind means you don’t learn new things.  Tightness of the heart means you are stingy with your love.  Tightness of the body leads to pain and disease.

Tightness is the failure of the human machine to fulfill its destiny.

And so we came to another aspect of success during our Red Tent talks:

To be successful, one must be open and vulnerable to everything.


All the beauty, for sure.  All the amazing awesome-osity that is life, but also all the pain.

And most importantly, you must be open to The Work.

You know The Work, right?

The Work is when you realize that you are unhappy, sad, stuck, and you decide to do something about it.

There are so many people (dare I say, a majority of the population) who look at The Work and either medicate, self-medicate, or simply say, "No, thank you."

This is the fastest route you can take to failure (read "failure" as "no growth or joy").

Success resides in the Yes.

You can stay a tight little bud and then die.


You can be that full fluffy peony and then die.

It's your choice.  But it IS a choice and a choice must be made.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Or is it really a full-brainer?