Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Go to Your B+ Place

I say this a lot in my classes: Just go to your B+ place.

The other day, one of my students said it's one of her favorite things that I say.  (Funny.  Sometimes I don't realize how much they hear me.)

I tend to use this expression when we are in butterfly pose. I ask students to use their breath, especially the exhale, to create the openings in their bodies.  I tell them to never stop pulsing...moving...adjusting, because the body is never actually still.

Stillness in the body is death or dying.

So why the B+?

For some reason, a pose like butterfly brings up a lot of demons in people.  It brings out the inner taskmaster like no other posture or movement that I have observed.

Women just wanna slam into this pose.

Nose diving toward the floor as if they can see sunken treasure sparkling below.

Nose diving, you can bet, like a school of humpback whales. Poor backs, I think.

So we start with careful back instruction.  Hello, lumbar curve, so protective and sweet.

And then the breathing.

And then the B+.

Which I have noticed stops that nose dive just as it is about to begin.

Ahh...they think...we don't have to be perfect.

That's what it is: Permission to challenge yourself without demanding or even wanting any sort of perfection.