Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In & Out of Love with Your Practice

It's natural. All things are cyclical.

From day to day, week to week, I fall in and out of love with my movement practices.  From minute to minutes, sometimes.

Recently, I was going through an extended period of being out of love with all of yoga, including my beloved Kundalini.  (I had a falling out with hatha many years ago when I realized the practice's primary focus on splaying the pelvis rather than strengthening the spine and core was leading to too much injury in this lax jointed body.)

Thank God for Kundalini.  When I first experienced this yoga, I found myself laughing...often...during the practice and after.

But I've been studying Kundalini pretty exclusively for over 12 years now and teaching it many times a week for about two and a half.  (I have been studying many schools of yoga for a total of about 17 years.)

Twelve years.  It's a long time.

And I was starting to feel done.  ((stick a fork in it!))

Then about a month ago, I had a small class at the studio so I asked them what they wanted.

"Make it hard!"

Okay, then.

I amped up the class that day and haven't looked back.

Not that every session I teach is physically extra difficult, but something about physically challenging myself and my students that day switched some sort of Love Switch.

Something about that day reminded me WHY I love Kundalini, and now I feel like I am back at that newlywed stage with this yoga.

This yoga that alleviates my anxiety, that teaches me how powerful I really am, that brought me chant, and then dance.

This yoga that changed my entire life.

Oh, how I love thee.

I would send it flowers if I could.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a short/small video I made a while ago giving you just a tiny taste: