Thursday, June 14, 2012

Infinite Possibilities, Finite Moments

I love the work of both Gala Darling and Halcyon, so when I saw that they sat down to chat, I was pretty geeked.

Both of them are into the whole law of attraction thing, and you know that I have had some harsh words, to say the least, for stuff like "the secret."  But these two dive deeper -- or I wouldn't continue to read their words and watch their videos.

In this video, Halcyon talked about creating your own world in a way that really hit home for me.

Sometimes I can be a Huge Skeptic (though always an optimist), and sometimes I can be one of those people who thinks, "well...we can't just ignore the bad stuff or you are part of the problem..."

As if I can do anything about the bad stuff that belongs to other people.  As if I am in charge of anyone's path but my own.  I a big believer that before we think we can change the world, we better clean up the world within a few blocks of us.

Local is power; thinking global is one way to paralyze most people.

Anyway, as you can see...I go back and forth in my own head about this stuff a lot.

Then Halcyon said this:  there are an infinite number of things you can place your attention on at any given moment in your life.  True.  He has my attention and then he goes in for the win.

You only have a finite number of moments to be using your attention, so why not pay attention to the beauty, the love, the light, all the good in the world?!

Why do we choose to pay attention to the crap?

We turn on the news and we get fed fear and then we are fearful so we act out of fear and that only builds the fear world.  It makes us distrust each other.  It makes us rude.  It makes us sad.

Things will still happen that are hard.  You will have vast amounts of grief in your life, because grief is a huge part of living.  There is no way to feel Sunshine Happy for every minute of every day.

Halcyon is not saying that you can avoid the difficult.

What he means is that for those moments when we are awake and we are able to choose, why don't we choose well?

It's that simple.