Friday, June 15, 2012

My Ounce of Courage Spills...

Today over at Monkey Brains, I write about what my face and affect reveal about this brain.

An awesome thing keeps happening from the writing of this new blog: women contact me who are, for the very first time in their lives, really understanding themselves.  Women who have been labeled over and over again with mental illnesses that they know do not fit and do not explain and do not improve their lives one bit.

Some of these women are local to my hometown and so I am considering a circle of sorts where we can get together and just, well, understand each other.  (I am lucky enough to have a "brain twin" and the relief of being really understood is unexplainable.)

My point: when you are afraid to reveal something about yourself, know that there are others just like you, waiting for you to have an ounce of courage.  And an ounce is all it takes.