Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dancing in the Big

When you walk into Girl on Fire, immediately to the left and right before you walk into the back relaxation room, there is a large Our Lady of Guadalupe, overlooking the main studio space.

On the wall to your left as you enter the relaxation room (above), there are two images of Mary -- one of Guadalupe and the other of Czestochowa.

We don't spend any time talking about Mary.  She is just there, present, silently watching over.

And imbuing the space with...something.

I have had students remark that she makes them feel immediately comfortable; I have other students who discover the feminine divine in her because they so casually meet her here.

One student told me that she was relieved when she walked in the first time and saw the statue; she said, "I knew that God was allowed in this space."

She had had experiences where she felt her spiritual life was not welcome.

Marcy and I often discuss the difference between people who stay stuck (and very often angry and/or sad) and people who end up learning and growing, and we always come back to the same thing -- people who learn and grow believe in something -- something -- bigger and beyond themselves.

To believe in something beyond yourself is to believe that there is always something new to learn, to discover, to recover.  This is bigger than believing that maybe there is some science you've not heard of yet. This is about knowing that you can never know; this is about trusting that life is bigger and more beautiful than your individual brain can begin to comprehend.

This is about staying an to be awed.

Any other way is so very small.

When we dance and move in this space being watched over by Mary, we tap into the Big, the Infinite, the Awesome.  And we know ourselves that much better each and every time.