Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stick a Fork in Me. Please.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India, there are body types or doshas.  (If you wanna know yours, go here.)

I am a pitta, the dosha of fire and water.  Of course.

In the summer, you add that pitta to my Aspie brain that is easily overstimulated, and well, you get one out of balance, exhausted, sleepy, low-energy, tending-toward-grouch animal.

Right now, I have officially hit my Summer Limit.  I am done.  Stick a freaking fork in me.  Autumn really cannot come fast enough.

Boo and hiss all you want.  Not everyone is summer lovin'.

In the photo above, I am relaxing after hiking and climbing in the cool, dark of Panama Rocks.  That just happens to be one little slice of sun toward the end of the hike.

And yes, I did the second half in bare feet and it was PERFECTION.

Hiking and climbing in the cool of those rocks was one way to relax this Pitta.

Getting to the lake is another.

And at the studio, I have found that I am enjoying adding some very slow and basic vinyasa to the ends of my Kundalini yoga classes.

If you are not a heat lover, how do you deal?