Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Spiritual Path is a Path. Unless It's a Dance Floor. But It's Never a Bench.

In my elder dance classes, the typical age is approaching or past 80.

These women come to this dancing practice, for the most part, thinking it will be fun exercise.  And I guess, no matter the age, a lot of my students come to this practice thinking about weight loss or muscles.

You will lose weight.  You will gain muscles.  Yes.

But then you learn that something much more is going on with this dancing thing.

For one, you learn it's never too late to be who you were born to be.

One of my elder students said her daughter told her that it was too late to change her posture -- something so simple compared to, say, a broken heart, which we regularly change in these classes.

I told her to bring that daughter to class so 1) she could witness the miracles that I get to see every week, and 2) so I could spank her.  Because, come on!  She totally deserves a spanking.

Another thing you learn is that there really is no sitting allowed.

Sure, you can take a break, but you have to keep moving.

You get to a place maybe where you are feeling some uncomfortable emotional pain or you plateau in your practice, and the temptation is to just sit down in your own crap and give up.

But you can't.

Moving is what this life is all about.

Stillness is death.

The body tells us this on a micro level where you can see the Human Handbook written in the constant movement of cells, blood, breath.

We never stop.

Until we die.

Or we stop and so we die.

The spiritual path is a path. Unless it's a dance floor. But it's never a bench.