Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dance to This: Philip Glass

Remember, people, this is not a video for you to sit and WATCH.  Get the BUTT out of the CHAIR and MOVE!

One way to use movement as meditation is to hold a problem, an issue, a question in your mind that has been plaguing you...just hold it there. Then dance and allow the problem to think you are ignoring it. There is a very good chance what you need to do, know, adjust will come to you by the end of the of the song.  For me, it usually happens even faster.

We just used this piece at the end of one of my more advanced classes. Stand up. (DO. IT.) Turn the music on and just breathe. Have the eyes softly opened or closed. Do not move yourself. Allow the breath and the music to move you.

HEY! And let me know if anything happens!