Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fiery Fire-osity or A Post with No Name

One of many Marian spaces in our Lilypad

It is getting closer and closer to our one year anniversary (October 1st) in the bricks and mortar space that is IRL Girl on Fire Movement Studio, so it seems appropriate that we institute a new ritual at this time.

When we were first having Kundalini yoga in another studio over two years ago, there were a couple of times when someone lovely ((cough--dawna--cough)) brought tea for after class, and we would dream of a day when we had a studio that had an attached "tea room."

Now we have it...a studio with extra rooms off the main room.

And though we have had tea in the "tea room," it has been part of special workshops and events and not just part of our yoga.

The "tea room" is not just a tea room, either.  I have placed an order for some therapeutic foam rollers and other sorts of wonderful body loving devices so that students may come early or stay a bit late and care for their physical selves in what one student and I have dubbed the "Restoration Room."

I guess tea would fall under "restoration," too, so we will forever after call the back room with its pillows and comfy vibe (more restoring...) the "Restoration Room."  ((tapping with magical glittery wand))

Which sounds sorta Borg -- Restoration Room -- which makes this Sparkle Geek happy.

Oh...I got off track...



The first Sunday's Kundalini yoga class will henceforth be followed by tea and chatting in said Restoration Room.

Starting in September.

But starting on September 9th, since the first Sunday is, technically, part of Labor Day weekend.  (Class is NOT canceled Labor Day weekend.)

Tea after Yoga.  I can't think of a fancy, sweet name for it, so there you go.

Another bit of news:  Paypal buttons are now available to pre-pay for any of the upcoming workshops. PLEASE NOTE that the Reiki I workshop is VERY restricted to only a FEW students and must be prepaid to secure your spot.