Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Special Populations Training & Certification

I have written about some things that happened for me on a personal level when I was away at my most recent training, but I've not really written about the training.

I went to get a more advanced level of certification in which we learned experientially how to teach people who have some extra stuff going on.  So now, for example, I am trained to deal with people post-Cancer treatment, Parkinson's, MS, or just general old age issues.

I already, of course, teach women over 80.

I teach women over 80 with the same methods and expectations that I teach women who are twenty or women who are pregnant or women who are depressed or women who didn't know they could move this or that part or women in chronic pain.

You get the idea.

And I came away from this training knowing more deeply that that is my right approach.

We are all "special" populations in one way or another.

I am just your guide through a "special" that may be holding you back to your unique, beautiful, powerful "special" -- the special that will let you FLY.