Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calling All "Recovering Dancers"

That is one of my favorite pictures from our demonstration of process at Frontier Park this past Sunday. Betty on the far right is 75 years old; Flo in the center is 77; and neither Betty nor Flo have any experience with dance before coming to my classes, though Maura, at the back, is what I like to refer to as a "recovering dancer."

A "recovering dancer?" many of us are out there? Women who were, at some point, so very hurt by dance. Told "you are too big, too fat, too small, too tall..." Told "you are not good enough, fast enough, flexible enough..."

As if.

If you still think that "real dance" is about how high you can kick, then you've not yet delved deeply into this spiritual practice.

If any of this creates a yearning in your chest, you must gather up your bits of courage and come to a class.

And if taking a class right away seems completely overwhelming but you are curious about the space and the people, you can join us this Friday evening for our first Red Tent Women's Circle of the season.

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