Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elder Dancer Wisdomosity

Maura with Elder Dancer, Flo

Every week, I teach two classes to women near and over 80 years old.  My Elder Dancers.

And every week at each class, there are so many things that come out of their mouths that I wish all women could hear.

It dawned on me that I could share this in a bigger way than just posting quotes on Facebook, so I am introducing a regular weekly post, Elder Dancer Wisdomosity.

Just this week, I was watching Flo (from the above picture) dancing/moving/praying to the newest version of Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel.

Over time, my Elders have gotten used to me snapping phone pictures while they dance.

Actually "gotten used to" is misleading because they don't even notice anyone else is in the room once they dive inside.

But...I have never filmed them (beyond the wee bit of filming that we did at the demonstration recently).

Yet, this week, after watching Flo, I was compelled to ask.

"Flo, can you come to the studio and let me film you while you dance to that?"


Not a moment's hesitation.

"Thank you!"  I was surprised by her quick reply.

"Only because it's not me," she continued, "If it were me dancing, I would not want that, but it's something bigger dancing through me."



I love so many things about this.

She really gets it.  Dance as full body prayer.

Dance as the shared unifying space between divine and human.

I said, " are a dancing mystic!"

She blushed and the others all clapped with glee.

She gets that this Way of Dance is not about showing.

It is about deeply Being.

To dance like this is the ultimate vulnerability and it takes immense courage to be this honest.

Courage like Flo's is the most beautiful of all -- courage to open her heart completely in the moment and then even more courage to allow others to witness her true self.