Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fear Monsters, Part One Billion

Though this photo was taken in early summer and we are officially into fall, it made sense to post it because it was taken in a park where something rather significant will be happening this coming Sunday.

The work that I ask my students to do in the privacy of the studio is vulnerable, emotional work that takes courage, willingness, openness, and more.

And each and every class, they bring just that.

The work that we do together is unique.  It is my own special blend of everything I know, am excited about, have experienced, have learned, have culled from every tradition I have ever taken a moment or more to dig into.

This work has developed over time because of my students and the special ingredients they bring daily, weekly, monthly to classes.

They are my inspiration, as sappy as that sounds.  It's true.  In isolation, I don't think things would have developed like they did.  I need them to push me, prod me, hold me accountable.

I breathe this work.  Because of them.

A few of them were willing, when I asked months ago, to go a few steps further with me, and we started meeting every so often as a "choreography group."

Much was learned by all of us but especially me.  I started calling them my guinea pigs because I never had a clue what I was about to ask them to do when I walked into those meetings, and when I walked out, I inevitably had some new piece of a puzzle...a puzzle that I had no box for and so had no idea of the "final picture" I was working on.

I still feel like that but I am beginning to see some patterns, some shapes.

This Sunday, September 16th, at 2 PM on the stage in Frontier Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, that group of women will take a big LEAP with me as we present our work publicly for the first time.

We are not performing. We are giving, what I am calling, a Demonstration of Our Process.

The little pieces of that puzzle that I could see nothing of even just a month ago?  It is because of this demonstration that I am beginning to get more clarity about what I am working on or toward.

Because of this demonstration and because of this group of women, I am beginning to understand myself as a leader and a creator.  I am beginning to understand what work I eventually want to do in terms of "performance."  I am beginning to see the method to my madness.  I am beginning to have an articulated vocabulary for myself about what I believe about dance, movement, the body...

I bow to these women and to all the women -- past, present, and future -- who make up Girl on Fire Movement Studio.

I bow deeply from a PROFOUND sense of gratitude that cannot ever be fully expressed.