Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Balance

Me, then Erica, then Marcy taking photos

About a week ago, I found myself trying to help some young women to "dance their balance." To help them get better balance, I said, "Narrow your vision. The narrower your vision, the better your balance."


This is a physical reality.

And way more of a mental/emotional/spiritual reality than most of us care to deal with.


This idea is not very popular in a culture that raises women, in particular, thinking they can "do it/have it all."


If you don't want to be balanced.  If you want to feel like you are pulled in one million directions.  If you always want to be (and this won't be popular but it is very true) just kinda half-ass at everything.

The greatest thinkers and creators of all time didn't get to be that by scattering their energy over every little sparkly thing that caught their attention.

I think we tend to think that balance is about fitting all of our stuff onto a limited sized platter and holding it over our heads...and then being surprised that it tips and spills on us and starting all over again with the same idea, never thinking to remove some of that stuff.

When in reality, balance is about knowing your limits, respecting them, and sticking to them.

Balance is about narrowing that vision so only what's important to you -- truly important -- is left in your sight.

Narrowing for balance means getting rid of the stuff that lingers at the periphery.

If you wanna keep tipping, that's your business, but if you want to stand strong and be able to dance that balance? You best start squinting.