Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Giant Leap...

This past Sunday, Girl on Fire Movement Studio did a big, big thing.  (And if you can hear Chris Isaak in that, you get extra points.)

We went public!  I wrote about the process leading up to it all here.

I have done a lot of performing in my life, but this was definitely bigger, more important, much more vulnerable...sharing this precious work in a public space.

And it could not have gone more beautifully.

The people who came to see us really got it!  They understood that they were watching something more private than a "performance."

Since it happened, people have been speaking of it in terms of their emotional response, which was exactly the point.

Now I am just exploding with energy and ideas. So much so that I can barely focus on any one thing. I'm sure this will pass and then I can get do to the business of actually implementing the ideas.

I have never felt so validated.  I have never felt so inspired.

And I certainly have never felt so in awe of this life, so grateful for these gifts and these people.

Too much.  Too much to put into words.

Here's a slideshow of just a few of the photos that were taken.  More to come!