Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Passing into Stillness

In our city cemetery

This past week on Facebook there was a note that one of my idols in the world of Dance as Spiritual Path is moving into stillness.  Gabrielle Roth, at the age of 71, is dancing the Great Dance of Dying.

She was someone with whom I had hoped to some day spend some time.

Alas...that is not meant to be. (And as you read this, her physical form may already be emptied.)

If you have been curious about classes at Girl on Fire here in Erie, watch even just the first few minutes of this video and you'll get a pretty good idea.  Though I don't use the 5 Rhythms technique, I have been deeply influenced by Gabrielle's philosophy.

Take note, too, that every type of body and every age is doing this work. Doing this work beautifully.

Postscript: Gabrielle Roth danced into her next life/form on October 22, 2012.