Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rest versus Recovery

I am a girl with a brain that loves things to be black and white. On and off. Yes or no.

I am either teaching and working my ass off or I am...not.  I am working my ass off or settling my ass ON a couch.

No in between. No gray zone.

I work to that point of exhaustion and then whine about not getting enough rest and then not feel rested by rest and then head right back into the working cycle again.

Little did I know that I was looking for RECOVERY and not rest.

They make a distinction between the two in the physical fitness world.  A world I am not that aware of, actually, being a playful dancer who doesn't believe in the word "exercise."

It turns out, though, that this word distinction is super important.

Rest is just turning yourself off, going down for the count, lying about.  And it can actually make me feel MORE tired, less enthused, more spent.

That's because what I really need is recovery.

According to Whole9:  Recovery is the restorative process by which you regain a state of “normalcy:" healthy and in balance.

Recovery means everything from eating well to taking slow walks to working on your foam roller to getting a massage.

I am okay about some of those things some of the time.

Not good enough.


This Friday, I head to Chautauqua Institute for a short, three day retreat. The last time I did this was a year and a half ago.

How do I think that three days every 18 months is enough to keep me healthy, happy, and inspired?

How do I wonder where my passion has gone?


While I am there, I will be not talking (recover number one for me), doing a TON of slow walking, reading, journaling, listening to my brain that is usually too loud to hear, rolling on my rollers, doing my foot health exercises.

Otherwise, things I should be doing almost every day.

Time for this girl to explore the gray zone.

How do you recover?  Or do you mistake rest for recovery like I do?