Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dance/Move to This: The Album Leaf

The word dance is packed full of ick for a lot of people. That's something I am really learning lately and something I will be writing more about.

I have recently decided to take the word dance out of my class names and descriptions. It's obvious when you read about what I do that it is dance but no need to push people away within the first few words.  I want their minds open when they consider Girl on Fire's work, not sealed shut with the gripping that is fear (or loathing).

For this reason, I will also be renaming the "Dance to This" posts "Move to This." Same thing. Big difference in attitude for a lot of people out there.

In many ways, I consider "move to this" a much more advanced practice, as we shed our ideas of what dance or our dance looks or feels like and just respond to the breath and the music and what the body dictates rather than preconceived notions.  But again, that is more writing for the future.

Onto moving for today...

Close your eyes. Breathe. Move when you move and no sooner. Focus on the breath: it blocks the critical mind.