Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Intentionally Stopping Ourselves from Experiencing Joy -- Do YOU do this?

How many times a year, a month, a week, a day do you do this?

You have a playful impulse and you push it aside.

Be honest.

How about the times you are in a grocery store and you hear a good song and you really want to dance but you don't.

Or you see a playground and really are itching for some swinging but you don't.

Or you are walking "for exercise" and would really rather be skipping but you don't.

You just don't.

All those opportunities to feed your Joyful Self and you starve her instead.

The examples I list seem small (they aren't) and the other day I was reminded how very BIG the examples can be...how very obviously we just say NO.

Marcy and I were out and about and I was at a cash register purchasing something dance related (I will be vague here so I don't give this person away).

She said to me with joy in her voice, "Do you dance!?"

And I said, in my Aspie, child-like, bragging-in-a-happy way, "I HAVE MY OWN STUDIO!"

"OH!" Pause. Then she shared her secret.  "I love ballet. I love it so much. But I stopped because I am so shy. So now I just do yoga."

How many dancers out there are dying to dance and instead "just do yoga?"  I was one of them for many years...

I whipped out my business card and shoved it in her hand, "My studio is all about the expression -- no recitals!"

And you could see something light up inside of her.

Who knows if she'll show up.  It takes a wee bit of courage to try something new, to open ourselves. But that's all it takes -- just that little ounce of courage to show up because once you're there, the joy...it takes over.

The same exact way it would if you would pull your car over and hop on one of those beckoning swings.

It's easy to give into the joy, to be who we are born to be, and we work so very hard to not.