Monday, December 10, 2012


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In this newsletter, I finally unveil the name of the work that I have been creating over the last couple of years, and I explain the evolution of that work.  Here is that piece:

Some of you have been with me since I very first started to teach in other spaces. You know that at first our dancing-based classes were "Let your yoga dance," a system of wonderful, emotional, chakra work created by my amazing mentor, Megha from Kripalu Yoga, where I have trained many times.  These initial classes were, literally, the dancing of yoga, but quickly, and probably because of my dance background and great love of dance, they started to evolve away from yoga...and over time, they continued to move completely away.  There were no more "dancing warriors" or circular moon salutations to close the class.  We danced.

I started to refer to my classes as ExploreDance because that's what I felt like I was doing as a teacher...exploring all the things I had learned when I was younger and finding a whole world of new material and new inspiration in everything from burlesque to butoh (what a range!!).

Over the last couple of months, though, something really breath-taking has been happening as I realize that what I create more and more is truly mine, and as that happens, I get closer and closer to understanding what it is exactly that I am meant to do.

I have figured out, for example, that I am fascinated by the science behind movement and its relationship to the health of body and brain.

I have figured out that I am pretty much OBSESSED with finding a way to create a strong and graceful body that is balanced in its strength, all based in biomechanics but still encouraging of creativity.

I have figured out that I love to find freedom but with(in) structure.

I have figured out that I see dance as a craft through which we can heal but still as a high art through which we create,regardless of our age or if we perceive ourselves to be "dancers."

About 3 months ago, I was leaving a class with my elders when the name of what I do loudly and obviously announced itself.

BODYPARTS, my brain said.  Duh, I replied, bodyparts.

I work from the concrete, always, to take us into the abstract. The body is always first.

And here, so far and for now, is the description of bodyparts:

bodyparts is a reanimating movement practice for all ages based in healthy, whole body alignment. Working with each segment of the body and finding full range of motion, we increase balance, strength, grace, creativity, playfulness, and joy.  With full body engagement and a diverse array of music/rhythm, the brain evolves through instantaneous problem solving. The body is changeable at any age and this work is for everyone, healing mind, body, and spirit all at once. (All levels of mobility can be accommodated.)