Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lighting Votives: Christmas Day

This week I will just be posting things that inspire and light our hearts aflame with passion and awe.

A few favorite dance scenes from some favorite films, starting with Gene Kelly because he makes my heart all a-flutter! Really...try to watch anyone but him. IMPOSSIBLE:

This is such a funny, amazing (and of course, AUSTRALIAN) film, and yet the end scene never fails to choke me up. It gets really goose-bump-y right after 2 minutes in, and I cry with joy every time at the clapping part:

And if you don't cry about fifteen times during this film, you must not be human...

And if you've not gotten the message yet: the true Color of Subversion is Joy. Which is why a baby born in a manger is the most dangerous enemy of all to Power and Corruption: