Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lighting Votives: Sharing the Passion

Fr. Andrew Greeley, a priest who wrote novels but who was also a serious academic, wrote an amazing book on the sociology of religion called The Catholic Imagination, and in it he says that if you walk into a Catholic church and it does not have a votive station, that you have walked into a church that no longer knows itself. I love that.

Those little votives represent so much -- prayers, desires, needs, and faith, hope, trust -- and so they are full of our hearts, full of our passion for this life.

And thus the name of this new series, Lighting Votives, in which I will, perhaps weekly, share with you some of the things that are lighting me on fire at the moment, in the hopes that that fire spreads.

One of my students wrote this eloquent, beautiful piece about the concluding part of all of our classes, the "Sat Nam," which is used by Kundalini yogis in place of Namaste and means something quite different.

A dear friend who recently lost her beloved mother is doing an advent series and this piece on the power of music to heal us is one of my favorite (as of now...).

Christine over at Abbey of the Arts has been offering short, little, powerful films as a pathway to contemplation and is highlighting the work of a fellow Benedictine path walker.  (If the film space looks blank, click there brought it up for me.)

The other day one of my students reminded me of my passion for the sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

I am currently wondering how his work could influence my choreography...

In particular, many, many years ago, I sat reading a news magazine and turned the page only to find myself gasping out loud at the sight of this wonder. I don't know why but it speaks clearly to my heart and soul.

And finally, there is a documentary available for sale about the creator of the movement language that he eventually called gaga.  Ohad Naharin is one of my favorite choreographers, and just watching little bits of the film on youtube has been such a joy. (I will be ordering it some time soon.)

Here is one small part: