Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lighting Votives: Wonder

This week, I want to share links that evoke deep wonder and awe. I hope you find something here to soothe your quite-possibly aching heart.

Visit artist Tim Flach's site and head to his portfolio called "More than Human." It's a stunning collection of animal photography.

Peruse the work of local, Erie metal artist Evan Everhart and wonder how he takes something so solid and cold and creates works of such warm, fluid beauty.

From an interview with the author of Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy (which may seem oddly placed in this list and yet is not):  (Melancholy) is best defined against depression. Depression is usually a passive state. It's not a creative state. It's a state of lethargy, paralysis, apathy, great pain... Melancholy, in contrast, as I define it, and I'm drawing this definition out of a long philosophical and literary history of the term, is a very active state. When we're melancholy, we feel uneasy in relation to the way things are, the status quo, the conventions of our society. We yearn for a deeper, richer relationship to the world, and in yearning for that, we're forced to explore potentialities in ourselves that we would not have explored if we were simply content. We come up with new ways of seeing the world and new ways of being in the world. For this reason, I conclude that melancholy often fosters creativity.

This is a GREAT collection of insights, talks, and quotables on making ideas happen. Which happens to be the name of the article. And I couldn't say it any better, so there you go.

From Wired magazine, here's a piece about the necessity of constraint for creativity. Or as I often quote Martha Graham, why we find freedom through form.

I love these illustrated talks and here's an extra good one about what really motivates us.

My favorite buddhist (which is saying a lot) is Sakyong Mipham and here he discusses the coming together of mind and body...the experience we seek at Girl on Fire during both kundalini and dance.

What would you write on this wall? And what are you waiting for?

We've not had any snow in Erie yet (BOO!), and so I am loving these photos of juhyou (and the fact that the Japanese have a word for this).

Have you come across anything lately that would add a little bit of light?