Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blisschick: Fighting off Resistance

I asked for blog topics yesterday on Facebook and something came up that I am always thinking about: the idea that we resist the very things that we say/know make us WHOLE.

For today, I want to share an older post from Blisschick about this topic.  At the time, I was committed to the idea of myself as a writer. I still think of myself as a writer, but now I know a lot of my resistance came from the fact that I was not in my body.  Now I am. For the most part.


But...I STILL resist this dancing life. I don't resist it on the same level as I used to resist writing, but I resist going deeper...going as deeply as I know I am capable.

And so the same old question remains: WHY?

Here is the older blog post that I would love for you to read so we can start this conversation.  (There is also a lot of good in the comments of that old post.)