Friday, January 25, 2013

Fool Your Brain; Change Your Life

(In the above photo, my choreography group is experimenting with the idea of pulling their feet through sand with water to their knees. Eventually we built the water up to their chests to feel the difference in effort and the buoyancy of the water. Living on a Great Lake with wonderful beaches helps with this kind of imagery!)

This post is not about car free living but about habits...

Marcy and I went nine years without a car. We were intentionally car free. This was not the result of poverty or some lack in our lives, and actually, it created abundance in about a thousand ways.

How did we do this?

I was sitting writing in a favorite cafe when the idea struck me as something worth exploring. We live in a small city. Our house is within about 3 miles of everything we need. There was public transportation (which has since degraded).

I presented the idea to Marcy, who fell in love with it immediately. We had a lease and it was up in a few months, so we started our preparations.

In order to do this, we decided from the start that it would a One Year Experiment. We had no intentions of it going on for so long, but year after year, it was easy to decide to keep going. Starting with the one year idea made it less scary. You can do anything for a limited time.

I will repeat that: You can do anything for a limited time.

This is the Magics.

This brand of Magics will fool your brain...every time.

Sometimes, I start with much smaller amounts.

For example, I have said in the past: I will go completely grain free for one month.  Brain says, Okay, I can handle that.  By the end of the month, Body feels better and then Body is boss of Brain...we will continue, says Body, and because Body has Evidence, Brain acquiesces.

That is the key: Amassing evidence. Brain loves this shit.

You can start even smaller than a month.  You can go day to day to fool your brain, but you must listen to body. You must allow body to present its case so that you can continue going day to day.

I recommend the month, though. You really can do anything for one month.

What magics could you accomplish with this little trick?

Dancing, moving every day? Getting to a class twice a week for 3 months just to see...what would happen.

Life is meant to be an experiment and YOU are your very own lab.

I say this constantly in classes, "Let's see what happens..." I find that one of the most thrilling sentences in the English language.

And what always happens is unexpected and much better than I could have imagined or planned for if I were not open to experimentation.