Thursday, January 10, 2013

Move to This: Zoe Keating

At Girl on Fire, we are huge fans of the work of avant cellist, Zoe Keating. (Marcy and I were lucky enough to see her live in a small and beautiful venue in Cleveland.)

Recently, she did some new work with an old friend. On this piece she also sings. A treat!

For today, I challenge you to work with a chair.

Begin in the chair and then when you do feel compelled to come up out of the chair, keep a hand or foot, at minimum, in contact with the chair.

Do not just dance around the chair. Think of the chair as a partner, a helper in your creative process. What can you do with that level of support that you normally could not?

This is a process I have used with my elders.  And I usually just watch and guide, but a couple of weeks ago, I participated and was AMAZED at how exhilarating and creative it really was. Seven minutes passed and I thought I had only been moving for about two.

You can listen to Tango here and then you could also buy it! (The other song they collaborated on, Sister Europe, is also there, but I think Tango is better for this movement experiment.)