Monday, January 21, 2013

Radiant Life Can Happen at Any Age but Why WAIT?!

This is Jane, one of my "elder dancers." She's 77 years old, and this past week, she was my first elder dancer in a year and a half to spontaneously (without me suggesting it) make her way to the floor.

She did this during a movement experiment that was slow. Very slow.

And she danced her way down to the floor through a lunge. Dropping her one knee ever so slowly directly down, not forward, just down. Slowly. Did I mention that?

When I imitated her to herself later (which I do because people do not notice the AMAZING things they do and must be shown)...when I imitated her later, I FELT it in my core and thighs and I am 44 and the strongest I have ever been.

Every week, these women amaze me, show me something new, grow and change in ways that our culture assumes is for the young.

I have seen knees that were told they were "shot and it was just an age thing" go into full, butt all the way down, heels on the floor SQUAT.

I have seen toes -- oh, the poor toes that I have seen so squished and curled and folded over one another after a lifetime of CRAP HIGH HEAL SHOES -- I have seen those toes start to get SPACE between them.

I have seen these women who can barely get decent health care even when something is wrong, moving from doctor to doctor, trying to find SOMEONE WHO WILL LISTEN to them and NOT just say, "you are old..."

I have seen these women transform themselves.

From the inside out.

Sure their toes and knees get healthier and their cores get stronger.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have seen these women start to feel their power -- maybe for the first time in their lives.

I have seen them starting to see their own beauty.

I have seen them SEEING themselves and each other.

Do YOU need/want/have to wait until you're almost 80 to experience this?

What would happen if you started RIGHT NOW?