Monday, January 28, 2013

The Inevitability of the Dip

It happens to all of us and it doesn't matter if you are following your life's passion or starting on a new path: the dip.

It can look all kinds of ways but it comes down to a feeling of discomfort, a wondering if you are doing the right thing or even something that matters, a staleness.

I know this is inevitable. That time in the desert is necessary for transformation. That light cannot exist without dark.

I know this is inevitable, and yet every time it happens, I am surprised.  I think, "Oh...I thought you were gone. For good. But here you are..."

My current form of the Dip is something along these lines: "What am I doing? I am forty four freaking years old and what the hell do I think I can possibly contribute to dance at this age!? With so many years away from dance! and what about the money I am NOT making...I should get a damn job..."

You get the idea.

And there's no need to comfort me here, please. Please do not attempt comfort.

First of all, because comfort is not the point. Staying with the discomfort of this is important.

Second, because there is no solution; I have to ride this and come out the other side -- there is something waiting for me there and it's actually kind of exciting that I don't know what it is.

Third, because I KNOW that NONE of the dip is REALITY. I KNOW that the work I do is good and meaningful and that age is not important and...((insert more smart words here)).


But the Dip...the's part of this ride and the most important thing of all is NOW? NOW I do not ever consider that the Dip is the WHOLE of the ride.  I used to.  I used to think that coming out of the dip was the oddity.

Now I know the Dip is momentary. I know that if I keep moving, all shall be well.

And therein lies the question: HOW do we keep moving through the dip?

How do YOU do it?

We all have tools for this in our toolbox, but we could always use more.