Thursday, February 14, 2013

Move to This: Duran Duran

I used to be a faller. I could fall at any moment, trip on any little sidewalk lip, slip on ice that was barely there.

I fell so much it was just a joke. Marcy would tell people it was because my feet were too small for my height. (Kinda true...)

I no longer am a faller and I am pretty damn secure on ice, which feels like a miracle to me...the girl who would walk through many feet of snow to avoid the dangerously shoveled sidewalks that normal humans appreciated.

There are reasons I don't fall and reasons that so many people DO. And, obviously, this is not an age thing. Some of my best falls happened before I was 25.

Reading my Facebook feed sometimes feels like reading a list from an ER -- trips, slides, stumbles, ankles twisted, knees wrenched...and again, all on people well under the age of 50.

People fall for a couple of basic reason:

1. People are walking pitched forward and basically FALLING into bent knees. This is BAD and WRONG.

2. People use mostly thigh muscle to walk now instead of walking from their cores. I was lucky enough in my late 30s to meet a PT who knew what the hell she was doing and she taught me how to walk from the core and saved me from a cane.

3. People -- and this is HUGE -- are not paying attention to their body's placement in space. Or they have lost much of their sense of proprioception.

4. Because of all of this, people do not trust their own feet and they start to move through the world in a precarious, fear-based manner.

Falls cause fears cause more falls.

Noticing this more and more in my own teaching, I have decided to pay way more attention to foot work. I already pay a LOT of attention to feet, but now I see that I probably could never pay enough attention to feet. That's how serious and widespread this issue is.

So...this week...when you move/dance to this piece of music, feel ALL of your movement coming from your feet.

Try to find new ways to be in your feet:  Feel your feet extend up to your knees. Use the full arch of the foot, all the sides of the foot, the top of the foot. Feel the toes fan and grip and relax. Feel the ankle roll and pitch.

Breathe in and out of the soles of your feet.