Monday, February 11, 2013

The Overwhelm of an Authentic Human or Seeing Saturday Night Fever

There are a few people who get this when I say it and then there is the majority who just giggle and don't take me seriously. I am being very serious so I get a little grouchy with the giggles, but I also know that my sincerity often elicits that response from people who are uncomfortable with raw and real emotion.

But here goes...

When I watch John Travolta dance by himself (or even just walk down the damn street) in Saturday Night Fever, I know I am witnessing a transcendent-in-the-moment human being doing what God sent him to do.

This past Wednesday, for the first time ever in my life because the film came out when I was ten, I (along with Marcy, who appreciates him like I do) got to see John Travolta do his transcendent thing on the big screen.

And it was utterly and completely emotionally overwhelming for me.

I was not expecting this. I have seen the film too many times to count. I thought it would just be super fun.

Instead I found myself crying during one of the dance scenes and then my face broke in the car and leaked all over.  (Crying is not my normal.)

During the crying in the theatre, I kept thinking, "This is it. He'll never do this again..."

It took me days to process what all of this meant, and here it is:

He is the only him and you are the only you.

There will never be another John Travolta. There will never be the dancing that he did not do. Sure, he has had a few dance scenes here and there in films, but he was meant. to. dance. For real.

This moment in time was his authenticity. He was HIM. Totally. Fully. Radiantly.

And my heart felt that and it broke a little bit for all the people who find their thing and let it go or for the people who refuse the thing and never hold onto it for even a moment.

I want to grab all these people and shake them. Pound into them the importance of doing this thing, whatever it is.

What are you not doing?  You know the answer or you are avoiding the answer or you are repressing the answer but it is within you.

He is the only him and you are the only you.

That sentence is worth saying over and over again. Do not waste this precious gift. We will never meet you again.

You must live your dharma, your purpose, your path.

It is truly life or death.  (Remember, discovering/uncovering/recovering your dharma is part of the process so do not freak out.)

Time will pass and we will all turn to ash, but it is in these moments of living our dharma that we experience our essential eternal nature.

We are divine in these moments.

We shine this divine and the light of it falls on everyone around us.

THIS is why we are here.

You should be dancing.

Yes. You should.